Forget all this ridiculous Stuff- Here’s how to make it work FAST

I remember going to Super Saturdays when I first started out in home based business.

 I would sometimes drive 2 or 3 hours up the 5, to Valencia California, from my little one bedroom apartment in San Diego.

I’d sit in traffic, hoping I wasn’t late, stomach growling, bladder about to burst.

 By the time I showed up, I’d rush into the Event hoping that nobody would see me, tiptoe in quietly, and grab a seat in the back of the room.

I’d pull out my black & white marble notebook and start writing down everything I heard.

 What are the products?

 Was it FDA approved?

 Are the ingredients GRAS (generally regarded as safe)?

What vitamins & minerals were in the products?

 How many grams of protein, carbs, and fats were there?

 Are they animal fats or synthetic? What is the ORAC – as if anyone

actually cared…How many micro-grams of chromium

picolinate were in it?

 And the list goes on…

And on…

And on.

You see…Not totally real for me but very close to my own story.

… I still thought I had to know these things to become successful.

 Because I thought that’s what people wanted to know.

 And I thought knowing all this information myself would help me sell my company’s products & opportunity, and become  successful in my home based business.

 Of course my sponsor didn’t know any better, and thought the same things too, which is exactly why she struggled to make money just like I did.

The truth is…

 … NONE of that stuff matters.

 Now don’t get me wrong – it’s good to have a great product.

Because the real litmus test for a great opportunity is whether

or not people would buy it….. regardless of the income potential.

  However, to sell it, and LOTS of it….. there’s far more important things

that you need to know about.

 And that’s what my friend Dave is going to be covering this coming

Saturday on his…… Top Producer Formula LIVE Webcast. 

Watch it LIVE here

Once homeless, broke, and living in a 1996 green dodge caravan on the north shore of Oahu Hawaii…… Dave now has a team of over 300,000 customers, 40,000 affiliates, and has paid them over 130,000,000 in commissions.


Results not typical.

See income disclaimer here:


So…… if you want to discover secrets that thousands of people are using to sell their   products all day, every day, whether in front of their computers or not….. whether they are traveling, takingvacations, or even sleeping…

you want to meet us here this Saturday

Because that’s what this is all about.

 Selling your’s or your company’s products.


And I don’t just mean “selling”.

I mean a LOT of selling.


Network Marketing

Direct Sales


Real Estate



Even your thoughts, your ideas, and your creativity.

 If you are in ANY type of business where you only make money when something is sold…

You deserve to get this Information

Especially if you are in Network Marketing.


Online, offline, part time, and without having to pick up the phone

to prospect, recruit, or do a single 3 way call.

 Here’s how you can learn the secrets of becoming a Top Produce

See you there!  

– Eva

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