Blog with me

Today I found it hard to find the “right” thing to blog on.  Not because I had no ideas. I had so many ideas I found it so hard to focus on one. Then I really wanted to get deeply involved with every aspect of every topic I looked at! Holy cows, there are so many different topics, so many things going on in business, books, life, etc.

That’s why I think more and more people will be working from home. More people will want “freedom” from “the man.”  For heavens sake New Kids on the block are coming back, yikes! I was too old for them, no nothing about them except I thought I was above them. LOL

So I thought I would tell you my goals. Then I thought some things are meant to be secret and those are between me and my partner. But I decided I can share this. I want to gather a team of 10 bloggers in ten days. Will you help me do that?

I started a new sign-up just for this! No pressure I just want ten bloggers in ten days.

So click here if you want to blog with me.  No strings just you and me.

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