Wild butterflies

Wow, I have not wrote an article in a long time. But I did start a new part time job and am very happy with it. TRAINING for this part time job is full time until you get the job memorized and down to a science. Oh yeah, then you start over again and learn 3 more jobs! Yeah! for me bills will be paid, money will be saved in shoe drawers.  I got a JOB? No choice, I must have money to make money and  I am sick of feeling dependent on others and homeless. Plus I have started at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to compliment my life coaching skills and increase my knowledge in full Integrated Nutrition.

Trying to make a go on the Internet has been so hard for me, I have tried many things and nothing works. But I have not given up. I love nature and the outdoors, I love the world and I appreciate peace of mind. My daily routine of Isagenix, coffee and yoga meditation has done immensely positive things in my life.

the official Isagenix site

I have the energy to work hard and earn this part time we’ll paid position. I am meeting people and gaining the sense of well being back in my life. It is truly amazing how good that feels.

Face to face.

I have already made many new friends. It is quite amazing what you can manifest into your life.   Thank you www.julieserot.com!

Have a wonderful summer and I will try my be st to keep in touch,


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