New Book- Joyful Wealthy Mother

Hi everyone, my friend is releasing her new book Joyful Wealthy Mother. I highly recommend this book for all moms out there.

Here is what it is about:

Joyful Wealthy Mother book and program:

heart-green1How to stop being overwhelmed by the multiple roles  as a wife, mother, friend, confidante and entrepreneur must play almost every day.

heart-green1How to expertly manage your time so that everyone’s needs are met – including your own.

heart-green1How to get tasks done efficiently so that there’s time for play and relaxation without guilt.

heart-green1How to explain your life to your children and husband so they actually want to support you in your dreams!


Discover strategies that will allow you to earn a steady monthly income from home.

heart-green1How to acknowledge your successes and allow yourself to properly celebrate your achievements.  (This one is so easy to overlook – and it’s vital!)

heart-green1Where the resources are that help and support you to create your home based business and make it flourish?  I found more than a hundred – it took a long time – and many of them are free or dirt cheap too!

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