Eva’s Story

My name is Eva, I am a retired Captain in the Army Military Police Corps, spending 22 years in the military. I have specialized in counterinsurgency and public affairs. I have also been trained in the CDC Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication. Plus so much more…..Currently, I am also going through an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach program.

UPDATE:  I am now officially an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach!

I love to help people.  My mission is to help others lead healthier lives. To do that I believe I can touch more people by helping their coaches, doctors and educators to be more in tune coaches. I want to open the minds their minds that there is hope in the health crisis going on right now!

Having three grown daughters and five grandchildren, I have become very interested in Nutritional Health and the effect that food has on our bodies. I believe food is our medicine and our bodies will heal themselves if we listen to them and honestly follow through with the recommendations they require of us.

Yes, I believe our body speaks to us through signs and symptoms and I also believe sometimes our bodies require medicine to heal.

My belief that we can tap into the universe and allow our bodies to heal themselves through an open mind when we set our goals and actions which always leads me to confront my own ideas and actions. It’s like a circle of life support.

We are never to old to learn and share with others.


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  1. Noor Elhayat says:

    Nice words!
    I too believe that food plays huge role on the state of our well being.
    Thanks for sharing!

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