Diet and Nutrition

Your food is your body’s defense.

What you put in is what you get put, right? Well then are you treating your body right?  Do you have cravings? How do your joints and muscles feel?  Would you like to feel better? Sleep better and have more energy?

Check out a free health consult and feel better for yourself

This is one company I use for supplements. The only supplements I have ever been able to use with no side effects.



Uploaded on Sep 28, 2011

 Is Isagenix a scam? Here is a ABC News video that reviews Isagenix products. You will find that the “Isagenix scam” or that Isagenix products actually are successful in helping people not only lose weight (7-15 lbs in 9 days) but people also experience more mental clarity, more energy and promotes a healthier way of life.

If you follow the Isagenix weight loss plan that comes with the product, most people with experience a successful weight loss experience.

You must decide if the Isagenix products are a scam for yourself. We can only give the the facts and that no “Isagenix scam” exists!]



Eva‘s Isagenix

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